Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Providers

Data analytics of your EMR systems can help you determine the right therapy for the right patient at the right time.

As a healthcare provider, you need information to make the best decision for your patients, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR systems) data is a vital piece of the puzzle. The challenge is leveraging EMR data so that it’s meaningful to your practice and, most importantly, so that it can help to identify the right therapy for your patients at the right time. You could have your staff do time-consuming chart pulls, but, given the volume of data in your EMR systems, that’s usually not realistic.

PPS Analytics can help you solve these challenges and empower optimum patient care and outcomes using our automated data intelligence technology for EMR systems. Best of all, the PPS Analytics Platform can be integrated seamlessly into your current workflow.

Provider Solutions for EMR Systems

Patient Care Pathways: Our Care Path agent helps you provide consistent care across your practice with benefits such as greater patient satisfaction, better outcomes, and more opportunities.

Quality and Outcome Measures:  If you’re seeking specific quality and outcome metrics, we’ll track patients over the long term, or assess groups of patients at the practice level, quickly and efficiently.

Your practice, your patients, your data, your way

Our provider solutions are custom designed to meet the needs of each practice, giving you unique insights and advantages:

  • The PPS Analytics Platform works within your existing EMR systems and workflows, so there’s no business interruption or lapse in productivity.
  • A key tool is our proprietary algorithms, which are customized according to how you practice medicine and your specific requirements for patient care and therapies.
  • We’ll work with and help you analyze your data according to how it is input at your practice, integrating unstructured data, such as forms, pdfs and other documents.
  • Using our analytical tools based on your unique EMR systems data, you’ll be able to spot hidden opportunities for therapies and patient care.

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