Patient Care Pathways
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Patient Care Pathways: the right course for the best possible standard of care

Our Patient Care Pathways solution uses our Care Path Agent product, which helps you provide consistent care for patients across your practice more effectively and efficiently. We’ll help you go beyond collecting and analyzing data to the next step of interpreting data and creating meaningful and actionable insight that you can use in your practice.

The Care Path Agent provides significant benefits to your patients and your practice:

  • Better patient outcomes and satisfaction
  • Greater identification of therapy opportunities
  • Improved practice productivity and time savings


The path from EMR complexity to the best possible standard of care

Identifying treatment options for complex disease states can require the analysis of numerous data points. Many of these data points are contained in your EMR. The challenge is that aggregating and analyzing EMR data for a single patient is very time consuming. And, even if you had limitless time, the data is not easy to interpret, making it less meaningful and useful.

Using proprietary EMR-interfacing algorithm technology, the PPS Analytics Platform can help you:

  • Focus on patient care decisions, rather than gathering and trying to make sense out of EMR data
  • Gain disease-state specific views of a patient and their progress for fast, effective insight
  • Ensure you don’t miss the window of opportunity for the right patient therapy
  • Identify missing data before the patient is seen for a more proactive treatment approach

Do you know what you’re missing?

When it comes to the best possible patient care, information is everything. But effective patient treatment is often hampered by missing and outdated information from EMR systems.

The PPS Analytics Platform uses proprietary data analysis algorithms that interface seamlessly with your current EMR system. This allows you to review patient records and identify missing data so you can quickly determine potential therapy before you see a patient.


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