Quality and Outcome Measures
Healthcare Providers

Are you seeking specific quality and outcome measures from you EMR data?

Your practice is unique, from your patients to your approach to medicine. If you’re seeking to mine your existing EMR data to gain insight about unique quality and outcome metrics that apply to your practice or therapy goals, PPS Analytics can help. We’ll work one-on-one with you and your staff to custom-build a solution that meets your needs.

Using our proven PPS Analytics Platform with EMR-interfacing technology, our Quality & Outcome Measures offering can help you to:

  • Thoroughly track patients over a long term period, or any timeframe you specify
  • Assess your specified groups of patients at the practice level, quickly and efficiently
  • Identify opportunities for therapy and improved patient care
  • Pinpoint patients that may be suitable for a clinical trial

Technology that gives you greater insight for more informed patient therapy decisions

The PPS Analytics Platform and Care Path Agent technology is designed to help you make more informed decisions about patient care. Our easily-integrated technology takes data from your EMR system and presents all the available therapy options for your patients, giving you all the valuable knowledge you need to ensure the best possible care.


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