Chart Pull Automation
Healthcare Providers

Chart Pull Automation: the data you need to keep drug therapies on course

PPS Analytics can help life sciences organizations stay abreast of the progress of their drug therapies right from the front line—the healthcare practice level. Using the powerful automation tools on the PPS Analytics Platform, we’ll work one-on-one with both your team and healthcare practices that your company may be aligned with to mine valuable EMR data, giving you the insight you need to assess drug therapies and clinical research.

Our Chart Pull Automation solution offers significant advantages:

  • Streamlined access to a greater amount of patient data from a bigger pool of recipients on a given drug therapy
  • Faster accumulation of data versus manual chart pulls
  • Reduced costs resulting from much lower workloads and time-consuming tasks
  • Time savings with easy and rapid integration of data into your system

There’s a better way to get the data you need

As a life sciences professional, you depend on your relationship with healthcare practices, including chart pull programs, to give you access to patient progress and disease state information associated with your drug therapy. The challenge is that such initiatives are time consuming, costly and slow to come to fruition because of the manual nature of chart pulls, and the dependency on clumsy EMR systems.

PPS Analytics can help you replace your manual chart pull programs with an automated solution that is:

  • More comprehensive in both volume and type of data
  • Cost-effective versus manual processes
  • More complete with the inclusion of unstructured data
  • Less prone to human error or research bias


Actionable data to carry on important life sciences drug therapies

At PPS Analytics, our primary goal is to ensure patients receive the right kind of care at the right time for better healthcare outcomes. All the links of patient care – from healthcare providers to the drug therapies that life sciences organization are researching and providing – depend upon gaining insight from raw EMR data.

We’ll work one-on-one with you to customize a Chart Pull Automation solution that fulfills your need for insightful data that can positively impact your current or future patient drug therapy programs.