Patient Population
Healthcare Providers

Patient Population: optimize your therapy outreach programs

PPS Analytics can help life sciences organizations gain valuable insight that can impact practice outreach and education programs. Our Patient Population solution is designed to provide actionable data derived from EMR systems, helping therapy programs stay on track.

Our Patient Population solution offers significant advantages:

  • Identification of new or missed opportunities
  • Meaningful insight that can help improve your education programs and efforts
  • EMR data analytics that can help fine tune or adjust outreach programs for practices in your network

The complete patient population insight you need

EMR systems are brimming with data, but a good chunk of it can be difficult to gain insight from, due to its unstructured nature. Solutions that don’t automatically integrate unstructured data won’t give you a complete picture, or worse, provide insight that may be errant, due to clumsy and error-prone manual processes.

The PPS Analytics Platform has the technology to be able to integrate unstructured data – forms, text files, pdfs and more – so that the complete set of information you need regarding patient population is right at your fingertips.