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Maximize your medical administration power and your practice’s potential… with minimal business interruption

You know that effective medical office administration depends on data analytics to help your practice not only better care for its patients, but also positively impact operations, compliance, protocol adherence and collaboration. You’re also keenly aware that making wholesale changes to workflows is never easy, and often met with resistance.

At PPS Analytics, we understand the challenges of medical administration professionals. That’s why we’ll work with your EMR data in the way that your practice prefers, with as little a footprint and operational impact as possible. Our seamless and easy-to-deploy solutions keep you and your team in the driver’s seat throughout the entire process. This approach not only gives you the control you need, it helps facilitate buy-in from all practice stakeholders, and makes your job that much easier.


Provider Solutions for Medical Administration

  • Protocol Adherence – Establish and track a care protocol for complex disease states, monitor physician and practice staff compliance.
  • Preauthorization Automation – Save significant time and effort needed to complete preauthorization paperwork by using data that is already in your EMR systems.
  • Operational Support – Our team will work with your practice to determine how to best integrate analyzed data into your unique daily workflow.

It will be as though we were never there… except for the medical administration benefits

Every medical office administration professional has had to grapple with the challenges of EMR integration. Decades-old ways of documenting patient information underwent a forced technology shift, almost overnight. At PPS Analytics, we understand how the trauma of EMR implementations can put administrators in a tough spot, with physicians and staff reticent to embrace any new technology. That’s why we take a “stealth” approach:

  • Our goal is zero business interruption to your practice operations and workflows.
  • We’ll work with your data – even unstructured data in text, forms and pdf documents – in the way you input it.
  • We’ll show you how to take full advantage of your EMR data analytics within the current operational workflow of your practice.


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