Operational Support
Healthcare Providers

Operational Support: small, manageable steps to a more productive practice

PPS Analytics can help practice administrators seamlessly integrate EMR data analytics with current workflows and processes. Using the valuable and insightful data from our PPS Analytics Platform, we’ll work one-on-one with your staff to integrate this meaningful information into the way your practice works today.

Our Operational Support services offers tangible benefits to administrators and practices:

  • Enhanced patient care using useful EMR data analytics
  • Greater protocol adherence by physicians
  • Improved practice teamwork and collaboration
  • Increased efficiency and productivity


Change is only transformative if it’s accepted

As an administrator in a healthcare practice, you understand that identifying and analyzing patient data that’s actionable is only the first step. You need to incorporate this data into your daily workflow. The big challenge is that any change in operations – especially anything having to do with software or technology – can often be met with resistance from your staff.

That’s why our objective is a zero-disruption process. We cautiously and meticulously work to integrate EMR analytics within your daily workflows in small, manageable steps. This approach ensures any incremental change is as comfortable and easy on your staff as possible. We believe this “light touch” approach to your practice operation environment makes administering needed improvements more likely to succeed.


Useful data just the way you want to use it

Every practice is different, and every healthcare professional in your practice may want to get the EMR information they need for patient care in the way he or she prefers. Our Operational Support services team will ensure data is provided as desired practice-wide, or varied and individualized to each physician—it’s your choice.

Whether it be as a weekly spreadsheet, an email alert, or a generated task in your EMR system, we’ll work with you to meet any and all data format, presentation and delivery requirements. We can even set up processes that improve knowledge sharing throughout the practice, resulting in greater collaboration and improved patient care.


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