Preauthorization Automation
Healthcare Providers

Preauthorization Automation: the easy way to ensure patient care

Our Preauthorization Automation solutions can help your practice streamline the preauthorization workflow. Every practice must deal with the often time-consuming and frustrating process of health insurance preapprovals. Some practices even opt to contract a third-party for the process, or charge patients for preauthorizations. PPS Analytics can help you leverage the data that already exists in your EMR to automate the preauthorization process.

Preauthorization Automation provides many benefits to administrators and practices:

  • Significant time savings
  • Faster approvals and expedited patient care
  • Cost reductions as a result of less manpower or staff hours


Preauthorizations are a problem waiting to be solved by your existing EMR

EMR systems already contain the vast majority of data needed to fulfill preauthorization requirements. The challenge is being able to automatically take that valuable data and transform it into a format that can be integrated with your preauthorization processes.

The PPS Analytics Platform features EMR-interfacing algorithm technology that provides you with:

  • An easy way to quickly jumpstart the preauthorization process
  • Tools that use automation to pre-populate forms and documents sourced from EMR data
  • Consultative help to ensure automated preauthorization process are easily integrated into your existing practice operation with minimal business interruption


Preauthorization customized to the way your practice does business

We understand that your practice is unique, with your own care protocols, as well as preferred insurance and life sciences relationships. That’s why our Preauthorization Automation services are custom-tailored to your specifications, workflows, staff resources and business relationships. Every company you do business with also has their own unique requirements, so we’ll ensure those are individually met too.

Bottom line, we’ll work with you and your team to ensure preauthorizations are seamlessly processed in the way you want.

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