Protocol Adherence
Healthcare Providers

Protocol Adherence: keep your practice on a path to success

Our Protocol Adherence solutions give you data analytics and metrics you need to be able to effectively encourage or enforce your practice’s protocols, processes and patient care standards. Presented in a meaningful, insightful and actionable way, it’s the hard information healthcare administrators need today to lead their practice.

Protocol Adherence solutions provide significant benefits to administrators and practices:

  • Consistency of care, which is good for both the patient and the practice
  • Greater buy-in to protocols based on data insight
  • Improved collaboration and workplace productivity
  • Increased practice opportunities


Data insight that can improve your practice’s productivity and collaboration

While EMR systems are good at collecting information, it’s the meaning behind the data that gives you the proof you need to better encourage or enforce practice care protocols.

The PPS Analytics Platform uses proprietary EMR-interfacing algorithm technology to provide you with:

  • Information that points to gaps or lapses in protocols, such as a number and percentage of patients not undergoing the practice-recommended care for a disease state
  • Identification of healthcare providers that may not be adhering to practice policies and protocols
  • Data that clearly identifies missed opportunities for appropriate patient therapy


Protocol Adherence Dashboard puts you in the driver’s seat

With streamlined reporting options and other easy-to-use EMR data analytics tools in the PPS Analytics Platform, you’ll have all the information at your fingertips to make a positive impact in your practice. For example, the Protocol Adherence Dashboard provides vital information such as disease state caseload, as well as testing, therapy and follow-up adherence, sorted and grouped by physician, location, or other custom criteria. It’s just the kind of meaningful and actionable insight you need to keep your practice in the fast lane.

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